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There are a few things to note on the board page. There is a board navigation section which includes a board selector on the left, and filters for the current board on the right.

The filters allow for finer grain detail when going through board items. For example, if a user wants to see only those items assigned to them, they can select their username from the User Filter dropdown.If you did not add any categories when you created the board, the Category Filter dropdown will not be visible.

Each column in the board is displayed below the dropdowns section. Columns may be expanded and collapsed and the setting will persist for each user across logins.

Navigation & Filters

Above the board columns are a quick navigation dropdown on the left, and one or two filters on the right (the Category Filter dropdown only exists if the board has categories).

The Select Board dropdown on the left lists all boards you are a member of, and allows you to jump between boards by selecting the one you want in the list. The current board is selected by default.

The filters are set to "Any" when a board is loaded, so that no items are filtered out. Changing the selection of either filter updates the board items displayed to 'whitewash' the items that do not match the filter.

Selecting a user in the User Filter makes items assigned to them more visible, and can be useful for determining if someone has too many assigned items, or just to see what you have on your plate.

When a board has categories, the Category Filter dropdown is visible. Changing the selected category works the same way as the User Filter and highlights those items in the selected category.

Combining Filters

Both filters may be used at the same time, with the user filter taking precedence. If you want to see all items that are assigned to you, but only if they are in a specific category, you start by setting the User Filter to your username then the Category Filter to the desired category.


The first time you visit a board, all columns will be expanded (and may scroll off the side if there are many columns). You can collapse columns by clicking the icon on the right of the column header.

When you collapse a column, only the header is visible and it is rotated to take up minimal space. A badge is displayed below the name so you can tell how many items are contained within the column at a glance.

Clicking the icon will return the column to its expanded state.

When you expand/collapse columns, that state is saved so the columns remain the same the next time you visit the board. This view state is unique to each user and board.

To add an item to a column either click the plus button (which will always be at the right, below any items) or right-click in the column and use the context menu.

If there are items in the column, and you right-click one of them instead of the column area, you will see a slightly different context menu. The Add New Item option is also available from this context menu.

Next Steps

That's it for the board itself. Let's get into working with Items next.