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Live Demonstration

Changes Made for Demo

The online demo for TaskBoard is almost exactly what you'll get when you download it yourself. A few minor changes have been made to make it a good demo site.

First, changing a user's password will show a success message (if you do it right), but won't actually change it. Second, the database is pre-populated with example data, and is reset every hour. Third and finally, logins are not limited to one per user (so everyone can login as admin at the same time).

Other than that, it's what you'll get when you download TaskBoard.

Let's Go!

Warning: It looks like you're on a mobile device. TaskBoard does not currently work well on mobile devices.

To log into the demo, it's the same as a first-time login. Your username is admin and the password is admin.

If you'd like, there is also a standard user with the username demo and the password is demo.

Enjoy the demo!